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The Computer Wiz Ltd, cpwiz.co.uk terms and conditions of service

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By hiring the services of The Computer Wiz Ltd, cpwiz.co.uk you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of service:


“The Computer Wiz”
means The Computer Wiz Ltd, company number 12134750.
User; Customer of The Computer Wiz Ltd.
“Estimated Completion Time”
Time required or estimated to complete a task.
Location of client's work or home, where work is being carried out.
Physical computer equipment.
A computer file; programme; app.
Software; Files saved on computer or electronic storage device.
“Scope of Work”
Extent of a task.
“Remote Work”
Computer repair/configuration work carried out over the Internet via another computer.
“Remote Software”
Software designed to facilitate remote computer repair/configuration.
“Zoho Assist”
Remote Software.
"Online Booking"
Microsoft Office 365 OWA Booking System.
Password storage website; “1password.com”.
“Sage Business Cloud”
Accounting; invoicing website; “accounting.sage.com”


Estimated Completion Time: The Computer Wiz Ltd will provide an estimated completion time for your service. In the event that a service will exceed the estimated time by more than one half-hour, your approval will be requested.

  1. Hardware Replacement: Any old parts/hardware will be returned to you when your service is completed unless otherwise specified.
  2. Impact of Upgrades: Please be Advised that it is your responsibility to understand the impact of upgrades to the operating system, applications and utility software. Such upgrades can lead to incompatibilities and possibly, the loss of data. You are responsible for contacting the manufacturer of your software regarding compatibility issues before you request any upgrades. The Computer Wiz Ltd will notify you of any known incompatibilities at the time of service, but some may become apparent at a later date.
  3. Advice: Advice offered by The Computer Wiz Ltd is subject to changing circumstances due to but exhaustively to products or services being changed, updated, or discontinued; The Computer Wiz Ltd will not be responsible for these changes.
  4. Liability: Be aware that certain repairs, including but not limited to virus and spyware removal, may damage software and/or data installed on your computer. This is to be expected and may require the re-installation of your operating system, programs, and data. The Computer Wiz Ltd will not be held liable.
    1. Public Liability Insurance: The Computer Wiz Ltd is insured for public liability for the sum of £1,000,000 by UK Insurance Limited.
  5. Loss of Data: The Computer Wiz Ltd is not responsible for the loss of any data which may occur while performing work on your computer. You may request that The Computer Wiz Ltd back up your data for you at an additional cost; however, we do not guarantee the success of any backup.
    1. Loss of Cloud/Online Data: It is the clients responsibility to maintain and check the continued support (with 3rd party supplier) of cloud storage services. The Computer Wiz Ltd will not accept responsibility for loss of cloud data.
    2. Loss of Email/Services: Though every effort will be taken to prevent loss, The Computer Wiz Ltd will not except responsibility for loss of emails or related data hosted by 3rd parties; furthermore The Computer Wiz Ltd will not accept responsibility for loss of email or other online services provided by 3rd parties.
  6. Passwords: The Computer Wiz Ltd stores some passwords in-app and online using 1password.com. Your 1Password data is end-to-end encrypted to keep it safe at rest and in transit. Our security recipe starts with AES 256-bit encryption, and we use multiple techniques to make sure only you have access to your information. The Computer Wiz Ltd reserves the right to delete these passwords without prior notice to the client (it is the clients responsibility to securely store their own passwords). Clients may request their passwords to be removed from our 1Password account.
    1. Password Security: Clients who insist on setting vulnerable passwords will be subject to their brains being partitioned and reformatted at the discretion of The Computer Wiz Ltd. Examples of vulnerable passwords: 
    2. Pa55w0rd123!
    3. 000
    4. 1234
    5. Letmein!
    6. mydog123
  7. Ownership: The Computer Wiz Ltd may request proof of ownership for any items presented for service (original software CDs, appropriate keys and/or serial numbers, etc).
  8. Payment: Payment is due at the time of service or upon receipt of an invoice unless otherwise stated. Invoices are issued via email, it is the clients responsibility to notify non-receipt of invoice, monies are still due at time of invoicing irrespective of delivery issues. Payment of remote sessions for non-account customers is via Stripe. Remote sessions are pre-paid prior to each hourly session. Credit cards are accepted via Stripe. Where any discount is offered this at the discretion of The Computer Wiz Ltd. The Computer Wiz Ltd uses Sage Cloud Accounting ( https://www.sage.com/en-gb/legal/terms-and-conditions/product-and-service-terms-and-conditions/ ) to process invoices, credit notes and quotations electronically. The client is responsible for the correct billing information being provided to The Computer Wiz Ltd, invoices not correctly emailed are still payable as is. Please pay us so we can pay them so they can pay you. :)
    1. Deposits: Deposits paid to secure the commencement of works are non-refundable. Deposits are paid prior to website builds and or quoted IT projects. Full balance is due on completion of works.
    2. Investigation Fee: If we are unsure the repair is economical to, or is not possible to, be repaired an investigation fee of £10 will be charged if the original repair as described is not carried out. If the repair is successfully carried out then the Investigation fee will not be charged, instead standard hourly rate for time spent on the repair will be payable.
    3. Admin Fee: Where a task is completed within 5 minutes an admin fee of £10 will be charged. Aforementioned admin fee is not applicable for works carried out onsite. Examples of tasks which would be liable for an admin fee:
    4. Password Lookup.
    5. Password Reset.
    6. Phone call to third party on clients behalf.
    7. Convert files from one format to another.
  9. Bookings which are made either verbally or electronically can be cancelled not within 24 hours of the arranged booking date and time.
    1. Online bookings can be cancelled or rescheduled from the link in your confirmation email, bookings not made via the online booking system must be cancelled manually either electronically or verbally.
    2. In the event of circumstances out of the control of the client making the booking cancellations within 24 hours of the arranged booking date and time may be accepted at the discretion of The Computer Wiz Ltd.
  10. Returns Policy: If you are not happy with the service you have received from The Computer Wiz we will offer a full refund of labour if we are found to be at fault, this is valid for 7 working days from the date of invoice. The Computer Wiz Ltd will not be held responsible for third party products or services nor the effects of advice offered.
  11. Out of Hours Charges: As of 1st January 2017 time-and-a-half is payable for works outside of standard hours of business (Monday to Friday, 9:00AM till 5:00PM). This charge may be wavered where tasks begin within these times and lapse over, at the discretion of The Computer Wiz Ltd.
  12. Travelling Time: If your place of business, home or other establishment (site) which we are called to by you (the client) is outside of our local area by 20 miles or more then travelling time at publicised rate of tasks employed to carry out shall be chargeable per half hour of the journey towards site, this is based on travel from our base in King’s Lynn (PE30 4RE, base location). If we are within 20 miles of your site at the time off call out (irrespective of our base location) then no travelling fee shall be payable. First hour discounts cannot be applied to travelling time, only onsite time as aforementioned.
  13. Privacy: Our technicians will not browse through your hard drive looking at your data; however, they may inadvertently see data during the course of their work. Please remove any personal or private files you do not want others to see.
  14. Right to Refuse: In its sole discretion, The Computer Wiz Ltd reserves the right to refuse work that is beyond the scope of its ability or for other good cause.
  15. Abandonment: If any item is left in the possession of The Computer Wiz Ltd for more than 90 days after completion of service, it will become the sole property of The Computer Wiz Ltd. Outstanding charges will still be considered payable per invoice.
  16. Scope of Work: The Computer Wiz Ltd will only perform the work agreed upon when service is arranged. You must authorise, verbally, any additional work which may become chargeable as required.
  17. Remote Work: Remote work can be carried out by means of remote sessions which are bound by the same terms of sale as face-to-face or onsite works. It is understood the client must meet minimum system and service requirements. Failure to afford an effective “remote repair” may require a full onsite visit, both the remote session and any subsequent onsite visits will be chargeable at current advertised rates, waver of remote session charges are solely at the discretion of The Computer Wiz Ltd. Remote work will be charged for preceding each subsequent hour worked.
  18. Remote Software: Zoho Assist our remote desktop client has the following minimum system requirements. To join a remote support session - Customer end: Operating System - Windows - Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP SP3, Windows Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016. Linux - Ubuntu 14.04 and above, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 and above, Cent OS 6 and above, Debian 7 and above, Raspberry Pi OS, Linux Mint 13 and above. Mac OS - Macintosh OS 10.9 and above.
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