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New Mac mini packs a huge punch

Five Times the Performance, 6-Core Processors, More Memory Capacity, All-Flash Storage and More New Mac mini delivers an insane five times faster performance. New York — Apple today gave Mac mini a massive increase in performance. Now with quad- and 6-core processors, up to 64GB of faster memory and blazing fast all-flash storage, the new […]

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10 hidden features in macOS Mojave

There's more than just Dark Mode. MacOS Mojave is finally here. Desktop Stacks, Dark Mode, and new applications (Stocks, News, and Home) are clearly the headline features of Mojave. But there's lots more under the hood if you know where to look. We've been digging through macOS 10.14 since the first beta dropped in June, […]

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Serious macOS vulnerability exposes the root user

Update: 9:29 am PT: Apple has now released a fix for the bug described here. That fix is part of Security Update 2017-001, which is available from the Mac App Store, in the Updates tab, with the label “Install this update as soon as possible.” (Somewhat confusingly, there have already been previous Security Update 2017-001 releases, for […]

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4 ways to speed up Safari on your iPhone

Has browsing the Web become an exercise in frustration with Safari on your iPhone? The first suspect to consider in this crime most foul is your Wi-Fi network itself, but if other devices are humming along at a reasonable clip and it's just a single iOS device whose Safari is acting sluggish and slow, there are a […]

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How To Change Apple ID To Have @iCloud or @Me Address

If your Apple ID has a third-party email address, then you can now change it to add one of Apple’s domains on it. So instead of having @gmail or @yahoo based Apple ID, you can change it to have, or Changing your Apple ID to an Apple domain will make it easier […]

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How to Download and Install Apple macOS High Sierra

Apple's macOS High Sierra is being released today, and that means users need to be prepared.Apple will release High Sierra to Mac notebooks and desktops. The operating system, which was unveiled at this year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), comes with only minor design enhancements, but offer a host of under-the-hood upgrades.Apple has been testing macOS High […]

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iOS 11 has landed! Here's what you need to know...

Introduction and initial release iOS 11 was introduced at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference keynote address on June 5, 2017.[5][6][7] The first developer beta version was released after the keynote presentation,[8] with the first public beta released in late June,[9] and a final version released for end-users with supported devices on September 19, 2017.[3] Some countries received the update a day later, on […]

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You are in command! ⌘

This post will awaken the power beneath your fingertips by bestowing upon you the awesomeness that is Terminal. With just a few terminal commands you can perform tasks on your Mac without a single mouse click and unlock hidden abilities within your operating system. WARNING: INCORRECT USE OF TERMINAL COMMANDS CAN CAUSE MAJOR PROBLEMS WITH […]

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PC vs Mac

Following on from last weeks' blog... PC or Mac Think back to Windows 98 (if you're old enough to remember), Apples' offering was Mac OS 9, the two operating systems seemed a million miles apart from each other, you chose a side and stuck to it. There were of course a few compatibilities such as […]

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How to buy a new computer ...and not regret it!

Let me start this post off with an old saying... Buy Once... Buy Well... When it comes to buying a new computer there're a few things to consider regarding spec and performance but I always advise the best starting point is to decide on a budget you can afford but don't spend too little as […]

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