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Yes! We sell domain names and managed hosting packages. Just give us a call on 01553 660941and we'll set you up with the right domain name(s) and hosting package for your business. We take the hassle out of renewing your domain names and hosting, *we operate an assumed renewal policy, so unless you instruct us not to we'll automatically renew your domains and hosting each year.



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.uk BasicWindowsWindows BusinessLinux PlusLinux BusinessWindowsWindows PlusWebsite BuilderWebsite Builder EssentialWebsite BuilderWebsite Builder CompleteSSL Certificate for your domainWindowsWindows Basic**other domains are available.Our managed hosting service is easy peasy lemon squeezy! We deal with all the technical stuff for you with just one itemised payment annually. We will help you choose the ideal hosting package to suite your needs, we won't bamboozle you with technobabble. :)£10.51 per annum*£56.68 per annum*£17.80 per annum*£17.80 per annum*£40.48 per annum*£21.04 per annum*£9.70 per annum*£16.99 per annum*£17.80 per annum*£32.38 per annum*£21.04 per annum*£9.70 per annum*£15.37 per annum*£50.26 per annum*£86.78 per annum*£240.00 per annum*£72.46 per annum*£262.23 per annum*£103.42 per annum*£194.18 per annum*£97.18 per annum*£62.26 per annum*

What We'll Do


  • Transfer your domains as instructed. Newly registered domains are payable upon registration, transfers are free until renewal.
  • Help you choose a suitable hosting package and setup.
  • Upload your website(s) to new hosting account as required.
  • Setup new email forwarders or mailboxes. If you're a Microsoft Office 365 customer we can assist with the required DNS settings.
  • Make sure everything is working properly.



Then we'll provide great service and simplified billing.



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