You Have New Mail!

10th January 2017

Despite what you might think YOU get to choose your email provider... Most people settle for the email address provided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider) such as or, this is ok until the day you decide to change your ISP, you then have to email all of your contacts and let them know your new email address (a real pain!).

Let's look at how you can simplify and control your email... Firstly choose your eco-system, for example if you use a Windows PC you may want to take advantage of a free email address, or on the other hand if you use an Apple Mac you may want to go for a free email address, Gmail is great if you're using the Google eco-system. Once you've decided upon your new email address you'll probably want to check your email from your old email provider, and logging into your old email account can be a real pain, a simple alternative is "Mail Forwarding"; email gets sent to and gets automatically forwarded to

Most modern email providers such as, and use "Push" as opposed to "IMAP" or "POP". The main advantage of "Push" email is that email get's (yes you guessed it) Pushed to your inbox instantly (like a text message).

Do you need a business email address? requires you to register a domain such as which can be purchased from The Computer Wiz.

The Computer Wiz can help with taking control of your email. Talk to us!

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