Why do I keep having to update? ...My computer's just the way I like it!

17th December 2016

Why do I keep having to update? The simplest answer to this question is money... Tech companies such as Microsoft and Apple aren't making any money while they're not selling you stuff. But wait a minute it can't be all about profits! ...can it?

The more palatable explanation is the progressive tug-of-war between hardware (your physical tech) and software (the programming that runs your tech). Here's the scenario... Tech company improves the speed and efficiency of its product hardware... then the software designers say "hey we can do new stuff with this extra processing power".... The software guys get to work on updates which take advantage of the new improved hardware... Then the hardware guys say... "Hey we can make this software run faster with this new processor"... Then (yes you guessed it) off we go again!

It has to be said... These days you'll probably replace your computer because it's software is out of date rather than it having physically broken down, certainly in the case of a higher end computer your hardware will more than likely outlive your software.

How long will this keep happening? Moores law is the observation that the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years, the truth is we have already way surpassed this and will continue to develop new technologies and manufacturing techniques in to a future which we would today struggle to imagine.

Gordon Moore

Of course not all updates are to do with upgrades for the sake of upgrades... The majority of minor updates usually contain bug fixes and security patches with a few design tweaks and new feature roll-outs.

In summary it's a fact of life that every few years you will replace your computer for a newer, faster model as you probably do your phone or tablet. My advise is to just strap in and enjoy the ride in to the future! See my post on Backup

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