Time to ditch pen & paper?

12th July 2017

It is believed that since around the year 3000BC mankind has been using writing implements to note down thoughts ideas, and much much much later shopping lists. In the latter half of the 20th century came possibly one of the most remarkable creations of man, the computer. So why have we not yet heard the death rattle of pen and paper? It might be because there's a certainty that can only be felt from ink marking paper, or maybe it's the simple fact that there's no perceived complicated technology getting in the way. The latter explanation seems more plausible to me and this is where I think technology has finally become complex enough to become simple. I know this sounds like a paradox, but think about it complexity creates the illusion of simplicity and that's all you need to get people to adapt to a new technology and use it as if it's the way they've always done it. After all pen and paper didn't seem that simple when you couldn't read and write!

So... Why should we ditch pen and paper? Simple... it's easier, no really, it is! How many of us walk around with a pen and paper in our pockets? But... I bet your phone is nearby. When you take notes on smartphones, tablets or computers your notes are searchable and retrievable in multiple locations furthermore your notes can be enriched with pictures, hyperlinks or even clickable telephone or email links.

We trust our devices to keep our treasured photos and music collections safe so let's take the last step to a digital utopia.

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