The curse of unwanted pre-installed software...

28th February 2017

When your new PC came off the production line it will have had a cloned harddrive installed which undoubtedly will have been filled to the brim with Crapware (potentially unwanted software). Why is this software pre-installed? might think it's because the manufacturer of your PC is being kind to you by giving you free stuff, well you're wrong, in most cases it's because the various companies paid to be there, such as Antivirus programs hoping to reel you in to an annual subscription, or in some cases software written by the PC manufacturer in some vein effort to justify their brand above others.

To remove unwanted programs from your PC simply go to "Control Panel", "Ad Remove Programs", then click uninstall on the program you wish to remove and follow the prompts.

Ad Remove Programs

Uninstall Program

If you need help removing crapware from your PC call The Computer Wiz on 01553 660941 or email and we'll help you zap that crapware into orbit!

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