Staying safe on public WiFi

4th January 2017

When out and about it's tempting to blindly connect to the first 'FREE' WiFi network you come across, but wait! Is that 'FREE' network a genuine WiFi Hotspot?

A common method used by hackers to get hold of your personal data or even bank or credit card credentials is a 'Man-in-the-middle' attack. The hacker set's up a WiFi hotspot designed to look official waiting for unsuspecting members of the public to connect and unwittingly hand over all their personal data. ...and don't think you're safe on your smartphone or tablet because YOU'RE NOT! Phones and tablets CAN also be hacked!

Tips to stay safe

  1. If you must join a public WiFi hotspot use the advertised WiFi network or ask a member of staff for assistance.
  2. NEVER NEVER NEVER bank, shop online or do anything which involves confidential data when on public WiFi.
  3. When possible use a cellular 3G or 4G connection and switch WiFi off on your device.
  4. Finally always think before you click!

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