19th October 2016

Let's start with a simple question... If a locksmith changed a lock in your home and then handed you the keys, would you just put them on the side and forget them? ...or would you keep them in a safe place, where you know where to find them?...after all you won't get in your house without them!

Of course you'd keep them safe ...right???

When it comes to passwords people misplace them all the time. It's incredible how many times when I ask a customer to enter their password when fixing a computer problem we enter into the usual TV gameshow of "Try This!". Is it "Password123"? Is it "Mydogiscute55"? Is it "letmein"?

Passwords are important... Don't treat them any differently to that new set of keys! Follow these 3 simple rules and your passwords will be there when you need them.

  1. Don't be predictable - You might think Pa55w0rd123 is a clever password and that the bad guys would never guess that one... YOU'RE WRONG!!! Don't go for obvious words in obvious combinations.
  2. A different Password for everything - Just like those keys are different for each door, your passwords should be different for each login. Yes I know it's a pain, but think about it, if the bad guys guess one password they've got access to everything... NOT GOOD!
  3. Keep your passwords safe - You wouldn't just throw your keys in the air and hope you find them later would you? ...then don't do it with your passwords, keep them safe. You could try and keep them all in your head (a bit tricky for most people) but it's much easier to either write them down in a book and keep it safe, use a password manager such as, but whatever you do keep your passwords safe.
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