Keyboard Shortcuts (will totally change your life!)

16th November 2016

Keyboard shortcuts often appear daunting to many users and difficult to remember. BUT... Persevere! The effort in learning just a few simple keyboard shortcuts will totally change your life! (well ok... just a little bit... but it's still worth it).

To keep thing simple in this post we'll talk about just Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts (we'll leave linux to the geeks!) Most simple (2 key) shortcuts use a combination of either ctrl (control) + "Key" for Windows or βŒ˜ (command) + "Key" for Mac, i.e. ctrl+c for "Copy" on Windows or βŒ˜+v for "Paste" on a Mac. Some more complex keyboard shortcuts use combinations of 3 or even 4 keys, but don't let this put you off as your fingers will soon get used to where to go on the keyboard.

Ok... Let's put what we've learnt in to practice with a really easy shortcut... "Print" Open any small file email, webpage or letter etc, then with that windows selected hold down the ctrl key, and then with that key still held down hit the letter "p" and then release both keys. Now you should see the "Print" dialogue appear on your screen... Pat yourself on the back you just did your first keyboard shortcut! 😊 (for Mac users just replace ctrl with  βŒ˜.)

Now that wasn't too bad was it! Here are links to both Windows and Mac keyboard shortcut sheets, get stuck in and have fun!

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts | Mac Keyboard Shortcuts   πŸ’¬Don't forget to ctrl+p or βŒ˜+p when you open the linked PDF's.

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