Is it time to trade in your old computer for a new model?

25th April 2017

Is it time to trade in your old computer for a new model? There's often a lot of talk regarding trading in computers whenever a software manufacturer such as Microsoft or Apple decide they're going to put your operating system (e.g. Windows or OS X) out to pasture. The main justification for this is often security (threats from the internet), the second justification is shiny new features that would be difficult or impossible to run on old hardware. Let's not forget if software companies were to stop upgrading their software they would soon be out of business.

This post isn't about the latest versions of OS such as Windows 10 or macOS Sierra, we're showing some love for your vintage OS such as XP or OS X Leopard.

Do I have to trade in? No... It's your choice! Here are some common reasons to trade in with explanations why you may not need to...


  1. My operating system has become "Vintage". Firstly an operating system is declared vintage when the company no longer supports it with updates or patches. Support... this is the main issue... When running a vintage OS you won't be protected from harmful threats from the internet or other software. If you don't connect your computer to the Internet and you only use certain (already installed) software then you can carry on regardless until the day the physical hardware of the PC or Mac fails. Your computer can live out its final days in a software bubble of bliss. 🙂
  2. I can't run the software I need to run! Ok this is a tough one, in some cases you'll have no option but to trade in especially if the software you need to run is required for your work. In some cases you might find old (vintage) software versions or equivalent on the internet from websites such as or but it goes without saying be careful and always scan for viruses or malware!
  3. My computer has become really slow! Sometimes even older computers can be upgraded with more memory or faster hard-drives. You will need to check compatibility with your old motherboard as you can't just throw in loads and RAM and expect it to work!
So as you can see there are options available to trading in and some people would say running a vintage computer can even be fun!
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