How to buy a new computer ...and not regret it!

19th July 2017

Let me start this post off with an old saying... Buy Once... Buy Well...

When it comes to buying a new computer there're a few things to consider regarding spec and performance but I always advise the best starting point is to decide on a budget you can afford but don't spend too little as to end up with a computer that needs replacing again in just a few years, it's important to future-proof your self from the advancing march of technology/commerce.

Wait! ...before you spend all that money, do you need to? If your computer ins't too old but has just slowed down a little it may be given a new lease of life from some extra Memory (RAM) or a faster Hard Drive such as an SSD (Solid State) upgrade, maybe even just a bit of software TLC.

Ok... taking it that you are going to buy that new computer here are a few pointers to get you off to a flying start...

  1. SSD - If budget persists go for an SSD (Solid State) Hard Drive, this will give you a 10x speed increase over regular Hard Drives. An SSD is the single most important speed increasing upgrade. If cash is an issue you could consider an SSHD (Hybrid Drive), this combines the near speed of an SSD with the space/value of a regular Hard Drive.
  2. MEMORY (RAM) - Go for as much as you can afford - Simples! 😉 This will make the general running of your new computer much smoother and less prone to hanging and or speed related error messages.
  3. CPU (Processor) - Intel all the way for this geek! - I would suggest the i5 is a good all-rounder with the i3 being suitable for lower budgets. The i7 is just overkill unless you work for Pixar Movies. 🙂
  4. DEALS - Be careful! - ALWAYS look at the spec of the computer first, don't be taken in by the fact you're getting a free printer or carry case ...and while we're talking about printers investigate the cost of replacement ink or toners before you buy, as a rule the cheaper the printer, the more expensive the ink.
  5. SOFTWARE BUNDLES - Firstly Antivirus, for Apple Macs I advise Symantec's "Norton Antivirus" and for PC's I advise going for the built in "Windows Defender". On a PC you'll often find trial software installed and on an Apple Mac their Office equivalent, iWork (Pages, Numbers & Keynote) is free.
This question has been asked since the dawn of modern computing... 

...Sorry folks this one's for next weeks blog! If you need help buying a new computer or just upgrading an older computer call The Computer Wiz on 01553 660941 or email
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