Hey Siri!

6th June 2017

All of us Trekkies (or Trekkers) watching Jean Luc Picard speaking the computer of the USS Enterprise NCC1701D yearned for the day this would become reality ...well ...that day is finally here ...well sort of ...Hey Siri!

So what are the main differences between Siri and the computer on the USS Enterprise? Firstly this one's real! Yet again it seams Sci-Fi has become reality, but, before you get carried away remember the Enterprise computer was AI (Artificial Reality) whereas Siri gets by using smoke and mirrors. The fact is that, as powerful as it is, the iPhone in your pocket needs a little help when it comes to the heavy lifting. When you utter those now infamous words "Hey Siri" your voice is recorded, compressed, and sent on to Apples' data centre where the audio is converted to text, the data processed and then sent back to the iPhone (iPad or Mac), this is all done so seamlessly that it feels like the iPhone is doing all the work ...now you know why Siri doesn't work when your not connected to the internet.

Where is Siri heading? I'm convinced, taking Moore's Law in to consideration, that true AI will eventually become reality but it might take a while.
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