BREAKING NEWS!!! You can now book an appointment with The Computer Wiz online...

2nd August 2017

In case you haven't heard you can now book an appointment with The Computer Wiz online at our website. It's really easy and here's how...

By the way... if you would prefer to make your booking the old fashioned way we're still more than happy to take bookings over the phone on 01553 660941 or via email at

1. Simply click the big button at the top of our website "Book Appointment Now"...

2. Choose the service you want from the options shown...

3. Click the "i" button for more information and pricing on that service if you wish.

4. Pick your desired date and time from the free time slots shown, don't worry you can leave the "Staff" option set to "Anyone" (makes no difference).

5. Enter your details in the last section of the form including Telephone Number(s), Email and Address, as well as what you want us to help you with.

6. Click "Book"... That's it you're done! You'll receive an email notification confirming your booking as well as a reminder 1 day before your booking, you even have an option to add the booking to your own calendar. If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking this can be done from the email link.

Please note no money is taken at the time of booking. Terms and conditions apply.

01553 887228
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