Antivirus on a Mac!!!???

21st February 2017

For many years now Mac users have enjoyed immunity from many Virus and Malware attacks. It's been thought that Macs were not a viable target for hackers as their market share was not as great as Windows PC's, that is until now! Last week security vendor Bitdefender uncovered a new version of the Xagent malware targeting Mac OS X and macOS Sierra. The new version os Xagent is thought to be linked to APT28/Sofacy/Sednet APT. This malware is claimed to be stealing passwords, screen grabs and exfiltrating iPhone backups stored on a Mac.


Steps you can take to keep your Mac and your data safe...

  • Don't click links in unsolicited emails.
  • Updates - Keep your Mac and Apps updated.
  • Think before you click! - Don't get suckered in by fake websites.
  • Backup & Update your iOS devices such as iPhones or iPads using iCloud as opposed to using iTunes as these backups could potentially be compromised.
  • Install Apps only from identified developers or preferably from the App Store.
  • Switch on Firewall (if it's not already on).
  • In System Preferences/Security & Privacy - Allow apps downloaded from "App Store" only.

WAIT!!! What's all this talk about Mac viruses??? I thought I was immune on a mac!!! On the whole you're much less likely to find your Mac infected by a virus than on a PC BUT your Mac is still essentially a personal computer (PC) and as such is not 100% safe from Malware or viruses although Macs do come with pretty good built in security right out of the box such as "Gate Keeper" and "System Integrity Protection (SIP)" that ensure software installed on your computer is from an Apple certified developer.

This news doesn't mean your Mac is suddenly under attack from all, it just means we must now be more vigilant when it comes to protecting our beloved Apple Macs. Remember you're still much less likely to encounter a virus or malware on a Mac than on a Windows PC. Don't have nightmares!

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