Antivirus for your Mac 

26th June 2017

Yes you heard me right... Antivirus for your Mac!

I know some of you reading this will recoil in shock... some of you will react with total disbelief that your beloved Mac would be capable of being susceptible of getting computer virus... Although Macs have very good inbuilt safeguards such as "Gate Keeper" and "Firewall" the fact is Mac viruses and Malware are now a valid threat and should be treated seriously.

It used to be the case (for myself included) that Mac users would adopt a "It can't happen to me... I'm on a Mac" philosophy but I'm afraid we can no longer burry our heads in the sand as attacks on Macs, included the recent "WannaCry" virus which attacked the NHS, are becoming much more prevalent.

When it comes to choosing protection for your Mac, as with PC's, it's a case of a balancing act between efficiency vs impact on system performance. Top of the pops for me is definitely Norton Security Deluxe by Symantec, it can be installed on Mac's, Windows PC's with an added anti-theft application for your Smartphone or Tablet. Norton Security is excellent value for money and is backed up by Symantec's 100% Virus Protection Promise.

If you're a business customer Norton Small Business is the product for you, it can be installed on all your Macs and PCs from the same online account enabling simple deployment and management for administrators.

If you would like The Computer Wiz to install Norton Security on your Mac(s) or business network call 01553 660941 or email to book your onsite visit.

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